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Special Education Support Services

Education Support Services, tailored for students with special needs

  • Tailored Mentoring

  • Tailored Tutoring

  • IEP Support

  • Resource Identification

Services Include:


IEP Guidance & Recommendations:

Evaluation of goals identified in the child’s individualized education program; support for accessing the services available to achieve these goals; and assistance with correspondence to teachers and administrators


Personalized Academic Mentoring:

One-on-one assistance with establishing milestones to reach weekly, monthly, and annual academic goals; development of recommendations for classes and testing; track grades and work with the student to document and celebrate success (with the goal of learning what contributes to academic success and how to recreate the circumstances that lead to it); and individualized support for college and career planning


Skills Development Services:

Customized study and social skills development program that promotes independence, organization, and self-advocacy while providing a nurturing environment for social interaction support


Customized Tutoring:

Provide general or subject specific homework support while developing strengths-based learning strategies and teaching visual, auditory, and tactile cues to assist with behavior modification

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