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  • Assist with education re-integration services

  • Help orient you to the world of collegiate academics

  • Prepare and submit applications

  • Provide personalized mentoring support

  • Refer subject specific tutors

  • Help with mastery of independent adult living skills to graduate veterans ready to function in the civilian workforce

Veteran Support Services

Education Support Services, tailored for veteran students


  • Answers to standard education questions and topics

  • Basic research

  • Referral information

  • Assist with  correspondence to educators, administrators, potential employers, etc.


Enhanced Academic Program (EAP)

  • Create, monitor, and manage an individually tailored, comprehensive education and personal growth program, includes:

  • Intake and semester assessments

  • Plan adjustments

  • Progress reports twice a month and summary reports once a month

  • Study method support

  • Coordination of tutors/specialists

  • Skills classes

  • Independent living workshops​


Tailored Test Prep & Enrichment Instruction Courses

  • in-person, 1-on-1 and multi-student:

  • High School Completion & College Admissions: GED, SAT, ACT, etc.

  • Graduate School Admissions: GRE, GMAT, LSAT, and MCAT

  • Jump Start! Proprietary Math Prep Course

  • Math Enrichment: Proprietary math remediation, acceleration, or enrichment courses for intermediate and higher math levels and subjects

  • Science Support: Proprietary science remediation, acceleration, or enrichment courses for intermediate and higher math levels and subjects

  • Writing Support: Proprietary Writing Prep Course


Admissions Advising

  • Selecting target schools, applications and essay assistance, process-tracking, mock interviews, and general advising

  • Comprehensive and Targeted Admissions Coaching

  • Veterans Benefits/GI Bill Advising, Assistance or Referral

  • Financial Aid, Student Loans and Scholarship Advising & Assistance

  • Special Programs Scholarship and Admissions Advising


Academic Support Services

  • Online Mentoring: remote online coaching, tracking, management, and weekly progress reporting

  • Personal Mentoring: Online Mentoring and twice weekly in-person coaching

  • 3R Study Method: Program for study skills and learning enhancement

  • Subject Specific Tutoring: in-person, 1-on-1 and multi-student course and subject matter support

  • Course Selection Advising: assist in effective and efficient course choices to achieve academic progress and education goals

  • Specialized Referrals: for individual students’ needs



Workshops and Classes

  • Classes are bi-monthly 2-hour sessions. Resources include:

  • Veteran Support Workshops

  • Veteran Family Workshops

  • Study Skills Classes

  • Life and social Skills Classes

  • Employment Readiness and Networking Workshop

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